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Booking Policy

Reservation and Hosting Agreement

SECTION ONE: The guest through the internet, by acceptance of the conditions stipulated herein, requests the reservation of apartment in contracted on the requested date, from 12:00 hours.

PARAGRAPH ONE: Check the guest in the premises, whose reservation is confirmed in the contracted site, should be conducted in the period from 12:00 to 18:00 hours the requested date, after this period the booking will be considered as NO SHOW unless the guest perform bank transfer to the current account No. ......, The agency ..... .... owned by the Hotel, and forward the voucher to the email.

PARAGRAPH TWO: If NO SHOW, characterized by no confirmation of the guest, personally or through the transfer described in paragraph one, after 18:00 hours on the intended date for the hosting, the contractor will be released from the contract, and may thereafter consider the available locked hotel unit for the contractor.

PARAGRAPH THREE: If the deposit described in paragraph one, blocking the hotel unit will be maintained by the contractor, for the guest, according to the number of deposited daily, passing the unit to be considered available by the hotel after 12:00 pm the next day.

SECTION TWO: The daily rate will be according to the unit type requested by the guest, and the said price list will be available at the front desk.

Sole Paragraph: The price list may be forwarded to the guest by e-mail, provided that it will request it.

SECTION THREE: Optional services will be for the responsibility of the guest, such as providing food, phone calls and consumption of the fridge, which will be paid directly at the hotel reception.

SECTION THREE: The guest marking the accepted later this instrument have cohecimento confirm the terms and accept the terms of accession set for booking and hosting.

SECTION FOUR: The guest may not ransferir booking and hosting to third parties without the written consent of the hotel hired.

SECTION FIVE: This contract will be terminated direct plan, regardless of any notice, notification or judicial or extrajudicial, without attending to the guest any right to compensation, the Contractor infringing, legal obligation or committing breach of any contractual clauses.

SECTION SIX: For all matters arising under this contract shall be the competent court of the hotel situation, whatever the domicile of the guest.

SECTION SEVEN: This agreement shall be governed by Law n. 10.406, of January 10, 2002 and other relevant legislation hosting.