Booking Policy

Booking and Accommodation Agreement

FIRST CLAUSE: The guest through the internet, under the conditions stipulated in this instrument, requests a reservation of apartment on the contractor on the requested date, from 12:00 hours.

FIRST PARAGRAPH: Check in the guest in the hotel premises, confirmed reservation date without the contractor's website, duly called for the period from 12:00 to 18:00 hours of the requested date, after this reservation period as NO SHOW.

PARAGRAPH TWO: If there is NO SHOW, to the extent that there is no confirmation of the guest, personally, by means of a transfer, please, at the moment, after 6 pm on the date, announced by a package, hotel unit blocked for the contractor.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: In case of the deposit described at the top, the block of the hotel unit is kept by a contractor, a guest's favor, according to the number of diets deposited, passing a unit of seriousness by the hotel after 12:00 o'clock the following day.

SECOND CLAUSE: The daily rate is according to the type of unit requested by the guest, and the available rate card is an arrangement at the hotel reception.

Single Paragraph: A price list, which is what is most important for the guest by email, provided that he or she will request it.

THIRD CLAUSE: The services of direct transport for civil liability, such as the supply of food, the phone calls and the consumption of the minibar.

THIRD CLAUSE: The guest signaling the oil without end of this instrument, confirmed the knowledge of the clauses and acceptance by adhesion of the terms established for a reservation and lodging.

CLAUSE FOUR: The guest can not transfer the reservation and lodging to third parties without the written consent of the contracted hotel.

CLAUSE 5: This contract will be terminated directly, regardless of any notice, notice or judicial or extrajudicial injunction, without the right to call, right or indemnification, breach of the Agreement, legal obligation or breach of any of the contractual clauses.

CLAUSE SIX: For all matters resulting from the contract, be competent for the forum of the situation of the hotel, regardless of the domicile of the guest.

CLAUSE SEVEN: This contract will be governed by Law no. 10,406, dated January 10, 2002 and other legislation relevant to hosting.